a blog post on hosted vs self-hosted sites

Hosted vs. self-hosted websites: a simple explanation for non-techies.

“What is the difference between a fully hosted and a self- hosted website?” is one of the most common questions I get. With a lot of different options on the market it can get very overwhelming to choose the right solution, especially if technology is not your strong suit. Today I am going to explain…

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blog post on using Facebook as a business website

Can I use a Facebook page as my business website?

If you are just starting your own business and have a limited marketing budget, you are most likely looking for a way to create an online presence affordably. With financial and time constraints that are typical for new businesses, it is reasonable to assume that some business owners rely on Facebook to serve as a…

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blog post on must-have features of a business website

Five must-have features of a small business website.

A website is an integral part of a small business and is a powerful tool allowing a business owner to generate leads, gain more sales, promote his or her business brand, and connect with the customers. While a variety of features can be incorporated into a website to make it attractive and informative, there are…

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Use your business website to cut operating costs.

As I mentioned earlier, a website can be a powerful lead-generation and customer acquisition tool. In addition to being a marketing tool, your website can (and should) serve as a tool to cut operating costs for your small business. Being a small business owner often means working with limited financial resources, especially in the early…

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